What does judging wines ‘blind’ mean?

It doesn’t involve blindfolds!
Judging wines blind simply means that the judges don’t know the identity of the wines they’re tasting. So the bottles might be covered in bags or, in the case of What Food What Wine, the wines are served in pre-poured glasses.
This is very important if judges are to assess the wines without any bias.
In many competitions, however, judges are given some background information about the wines - typically where they’re made, the grape varieties used and the vintage.
In What Food What Wine, the judges will have no information whatsoever about the wines apart from whether they’re over or under £10, ie a special or an everyday purchase.
That’s because the only thing that matter is how well the wine goes with the food.
It’s a completely level playing field, the likes of which you don’t often get in wine competitions. So it means the New World gets to compete with the Old World on a fair footing. And vice versa.
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